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Foreclosure Leads fro Homeowners
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For Homeowners Seeking Assistance
For Attorneys and Loan Modification Companies
For Real Estate Investors and Agents
For Hard Money Lenders and  Loan Officers
Connect to our network of professionals that can offer various ways to help you stop foreclosure.  Learn the 7 ways to stop foreclosure now.  Continue...
Connect to homeowners who are serious about getting professional help to stop foreclosure.  Select foreclosure leads by state and get live calls from homeowners seeking assistance.  Learn more...
Find pre-foreclosure and short sale leads in all areas of the US.  Connect directly to homeowners who may want to take advantage of an all cash offer.  Sort leads by zip code, property value and LTV.  Learn more about how you can help distressed homeowners.
Find mortgage and hard money leads for borrowers with all credit ratings.  See the leads before you buy and make your best offer.  Filter leads by state, loan amount, loan type and credit rating.  No membership fees or subscriptions.  Pay only for leads.


The Mortgage Leads Network is now pleased to offer...
Foreclosure Leads and Pre-Foreclosure Leads  for loan modification and foreclosure defense law firms.

What are foreclosure defense leads?

A foreclosure leads is a set of data (name, phone number, zip code) corresponding to a homeowner who is seeking help with stopping foreclosure.

Who buys foreclosure leads?

Law firms, attorneys, mortgage consultants, loan modification companies, mortgage brokers, hard money lenders and real estate agents focused on short sale listings and loan modifications all buy foreclosure leads from Mortgage Leads Network.

Where do the leads come from?

Our leads come exclusively from pay per click web site advertisements that we place on major search engines.

How do I start getting leads?

First, register for free here then select leads from the foreclosure leads database or set up an order for live calls or real time web leads.

Is there a minimum purchase?

No, but the minimum deposit amount is $50.

There is no cost to sign up. Search our massive Cherry Picked Leads database and preview the comments of homeowners who have requested foreclosure assistance.  You can have matching leads sent to your email, fax machine or cell phone automatically. The service is available 24/7 and all major credit cards accepted online.

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